The Butchart Chronicles : November 17, 2016

The 2017 Historical Display

Take a Step Back in Time at the 2017 Historical Display at The Butchart Gardens

From January 15th to March 15th we are pleased to showcase the 17th annual historical display. Located in the former Butchart residence, this magnificent display features letters, memorabilia and photographs to tell the story and history of The Butchart Gardens.

Start your journey in the the White Room, the former dining room, where you will see photos from the early days and learn about Mr. Butchart's involvement in Portland cement on the west coast. Finally, learn about Robert Pim Butchart's professional achievements during his passionate career in the cement industry.

After the White Room, you will enter the Breakfast Room. Here you will find historic photos from the Italian Garden and main lawn and see Mrs. Butchart's sketch and planting list for the Italian Garden.

As you continue through the residence, you will pass through the Tango Room. This room features photos, letters and other interesting finds about the Sunken Garden and its inception. You will also find photographs of family members with their dogs and find out about the theft of one of their canines.

You will finish viewing the historical display in the stunning Billiard Room. Here you will learn about the development of the Rose Garden, as well as Mr. Butchart's love of cars and boats. Get a sense of how Mr. and Mrs. Butchart used to entertain their visitors by seeing the billiard table and musical instruments. Today, the family still uses this room for entertaining.

There is so much to see in each room of the historical display. Take your time to take it all in, ask our knowledgable staff any questions you may have, then finish off your visit with High Tea in the Dining Room.