The Butchart Chronicles : May 24, 2015

“Afternoon Tea Makes for a Supreme Moment”

The lawn from the Dining Room terrace(Photo credit: TripAdvisor reviewer kakisuke)


朝の開園と同時にブッチャートガーデンを訪れ、入園後すぐに、インフォメーションに立ち寄り、アフタヌーンティーを予約して行きました。園内散策に数時間 かけ、歩き疲れたころあいに丁度アフタヌーンティーの時間になりました。イングリッシュガーデンを望めるテラス席を選び、本場のアフタヌーンティーをいた だきました。疲れた体にお菓子類は効果抜群、一気に力が湧いてきました。

Afternoon Tea Makes for a Supreme Moment on the Terrace overlooking The Gardens

We arrived in the morning for the opening of The Gardens and stopped by the Visitor Centre and reserved Afternoon Tea. After touring along the paths of the gardens for several hours, and a bit tired from the stroll, it was time for tea. We selected the terrace overlooking the English styled lawns and enjoyed a lovely traditional afternoon tea. Sweets are exceptionally effective to restore a spring in one’s step after thoroughly exploring these gardens!

– A TripAdvisor review by kakisuke from May 13, 2015