The Butchart Chronicles : August 1, 2015

“Beautiful: Gardens, Music, Fireworks - A MUST GO”

Firework Show

We didn't really know what to expect when going here - we just thought, it's just another garden tour with a short fireworks display in the evening. Boy were we wrong. The gardens were amazing, they had a fantastic band playing on the "great lawn", and the fireworks were like none other that we've seen. If planned right, one could spend the entire day there - and I would encourage you to do so. Bring a picnic (or reserve a prepared one there) or have a nice dinner, bring a blanket to hear the band and then afterwards, stroll over to see the fireworks (though I believe they only have the band and fireworks once a week in the summer). Advice: It can take a while to get out after the fireworks - instead of rushing out with the crowds, take the night tour through the gardens - you'll probably end up leaving around the same time.

– A TripAdvisor review by Dai Tau, from Portland, OR, USA