The Butchart Chronicles : January 8, 2015

Photo: Benvenuto Seed Company

The original purpose of the Seed Store, now The Seed and Gift Store (est. 1920), was to package and sell seed from plants grown in the seed fields of Jennie Butchart's garden. We still package seeds and sell over 140 different packets, most USDA approved for import into the USA, and available not only in The Seed and Gift Store but online as well.

The large lawn area between the entrance and exit roads was known as the Seed Field, however by 1970 it became difficult to collect pure seed as other homes and gardens were built around Benvenuto and pollinating insects respect no borders - mixing the varieties! The long history of a mail order Seed Catalogue continued with much of the seed that was purchased in bulk and used in the gardens being packaged by the Seed Store staff, a tradition that continues to this day.  A few specific varieties grown in isolated areas of the Butchart Gardens are still collected and packaged by hand.  The popular Blue Poppy is one of these.

Benvenuto Seed Company