The Butchart Chronicles : November 24, 2014

The Butchart Gardens on Sina Weibo

加拿大布查特花园(Butchart Gardens)的官微正式开通啦~ 这个拥有55英亩土地,坐落在BC省首府维多利亚的花园是世界最美十大花园之一。一年四季鲜花不断,美景不同。每年冬季举办的圣诞魔幻灯展更是把这里装扮 成一个童话乐园,闭着眼睛坐在玫瑰旋转木马上,仿佛回到童年的小时光~

You can now find us on Sina Weibo. Consisting of 55 acres of floral displays and located in the capital region of British Columbia (Victoria), we are consistently ranked as one of the top 10 gardens in the world. Flowers are continuously on display throughout the year, variety and species depending on the season. The Magic of Christmas, held every year is like a fairy tale theme park. Take a ride on the Rose Carousel with your eyes closed for a trip down memory lane back to your childhood.

Link:  http://www.weibo.com/ButchartGardens

Account name:  加拿大布查特花园

Hashtag:  #布查特花园#