The Butchart Chronicles : March 9, 2014

Employment at The Butchart Gardens

When: All Year

Hashtag: #butchartjobs


Over the last several years, The Butchart Gardens has held a Job Fair for seasonal employment, one evening in March.  This year, instead of asking you to come out to The Gardens, we've decided to have an ongoing job fair - through social media - making it easier for you and us to connect, one on one.

Should you be looking for seasonal employment, or know someone who is, share this post and send in your resume - details on the poster below.  Please feel free to share this post, the unique link is:  http://www.butchartgardens.com/blog/employment-butchart-gardens

Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for updates and keep an eye on our official jobs hashtag:  #butchartjobs

We have over 2 dozen seasonal jobs open right now in:  Food Sevices, The Seed and Gift Store, Gift Store Inventory and Visitor Services.  Here is a short primer on employment at The Gardens:  Employment Information (pdf)

For more information on our employment environment as well as full-time career opportunities, please see our Employment page.

We look forward to hearing from you, or your friends and family that might be interested in joining our team at The Butchart Gardens.

Seasonal Employment