The Butchart Chronicles : April 16, 2015

Flower and Garden Report for April 16, 2015

Tulips in the sky
Garden Report for the period of  April 16 – April 22, 2015

I am truly thankful to be back at home after spending the last week in Calgary promoting the Gardens at the Calgary Horticultural Societies annual garden show. Calgary deals with some of the most challenging gardening conditions in North America, and to their credit, the gardeners there are among the most enthusiastic and determined that you will find anywhere in the world.

Here at the Gardens our spring display is reaching the peak of its beauty – although it’s virtually impossible to determine when the peak actually occurs! The alluring beauty of our spring display continues to evolve and I encourage you to come out soon to witness one of the most spectacular garden displays in the world. Next week we will begin the formal planning for next year’s show and we hope that our planning efforts don’t conflict too much with what Mother Nature has in store for us as we certainly saw the impact of the weather on the timing of this year’s efforts.

With that being said, we are more than pleased with the results of this year’s display and we sincerely hope that we can share the beauty of our spectacular spring display with you.

Rick Los, director of horticulture

Upper Walk Way

Flowering in the Garden

  • Ajuga  new
  • Amelanchier  
  • Anemone
  • Arabis 
  • Bellis
  • Berberis darwinii  new
  • Bergenia 
  • Brunnera  new
  • Caltha  
  • Camellia 
  • Cercis   
  • Chionodoxa
  • Corydalis    new
  • Dicentra   
  • Doronicum  new
  • Epimedium   
  • Erica 
  • Erythronium  
  • Exochorda  new
  • Frittilaria  
  • Helleborus
  • Hyacinth   
  • Iberis   
  • Kerria  
  • Leucojum  
  • Lysichiton  (skunk cabbage)   
  • Muscari 
  • Narcissus  
  • Pansy  
  • Pericallis  (Cinerarea)  new
  • Primula     
  • Prunus (flowering cherry and flowering plum)
  • Pulmonaria  
  • Pulsatilla    
  • Rhododendron  
  • Ribes  
  • Scilla    
  • Sycopsis
    Up to the mound