The Butchart Chronicles : April 23, 2015

Flower and Garden Report April 23, 2015

Another beautiful week of weather at The Gardens and another week of an extraordinarily beautiful spring garden display. We have begun the planning for next year’s show and as always, we will be doing everything we can to try and improve the display so you will never get tired of visiting us!        

The energy in the garden is almost palpable as changes occur rapidly and new visual delights can be found on a daily basis. Indeed, the garden experience today will be quite different from what you will experience in just one week’s time!   

More, now than ever I would encourage you to come soon to witness the glorious beauty of our spring display as we will soon begin the transition into the next gardening season.

- Rick Los, director of horticulture

Top Walk Spring 2015

Flowering in the Garden

  • Ajuga  
  • Amelanchier  
  • Anemone
  • Aquilegia  new
  • Arabis 
  • Azalea  new
  • Bellis
  • Berberis darwinii  
  • Brunnera  
  • Camellia 
  • Cercis   
  • Cornus  (flowering Dogwood)   new
  • Corydalis       
  • Dicentra   
  • Doronicum   
  • Epimedium   
  • Erica 
  • Erythronium  
  • Exochorda  
  • Fothergilla  new
  • Frittilaria  
  • Geum   new
  • Helleborus
  • Iberis   
  • Kerria  
  • Leucojum  
  • Lysichiton  (skunk cabbage)   
  • Muscari 
  • Narcissus 
  • Paeonia  (Tree peony)  new
  • Pansy  
  • Pericallis  (Cinerarea) 
  • Primula     
  • Prunus (flowering cherry and flowering plum)

    White Cherry Blossoms at The Butchart Gardens
  • Pulmonaria  
  • Pulsatilla    
  • Rhododendron  
  • Ribes  
  • Scilla  
  • Spiraea  new
  • Syringa  (lilac)  new 

Tulips against a sky of cherry blossoms