The Butchart Chronicles : August 25, 2017

Flower and Garden Report August 26th - September 1st 2017

Flower and Garden Report August 26th - September 1st

By Thea Hegland

A visit to The Butchart Gardens is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find. As flowers come and go, there are always unexpected delights.

With the last week of August suddenly upon us, there is no end to the plethora of blossoms. It seems to get better with each week that passes. While it is true some plants are getting perhaps a little tired after the hot summer, other plants are just coming into their prime. The late summer flowering trees and shrubs are making their presence in The Gardens known. Hibiscus syriacus (Rose of Sharon) is bursting with gorgeous blossoms. While it looks like a tender, exotic flower, this particular one is actually rather hardy. Clerodendrum trichotomum, Clethra alnifolia (Summersweet) and Heptacodium miconioides (Seven – son flower) fill the garden air with fragrance.


Buried treasures are deep in the Sunken Garden. With bright orange Zinnia inca glowing boldly and Begonias spilling out of flower beds, you will have to look closely to find the flowers and plants that are less imposing. Off the beaten path by The Falls you will find Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed, Mexican bamboo) in full bloom. While considered somewhat invasive, we are able to control this garden wonder. Walking along the Sunken Garden perennial border you will become very aware of the beautiful smell of Actaea simplex ‘Black Negligee’ (Bugbane) before you see it. Tall white arching racemes complement the dark purplish-brown foliage. Lost somewhere in the Sunken Garden Arisarum proboscideum (Mouse plant) can sometimes be found by fluke.

Our world-famous Rose Garden is still going strong. With nearly 300 different Roses, you can easily spend a delightful time admiring and smelling the Roses. With endless blossoms in so many different colors and shades, it is easy to feel inspired. Thinking of my 64-pack of Crayola Crayons I once treasured as young girl (Fuchsia, Magenta, Mulberry, and Carmine Red), imagine if there was a colouring book of The Gardens. Oh what a fun idea!

Truly a garden for all, The Butchart Gardens is a timeless classic. Whether you visit once in a lifetime or weekly, you will be glad you came.

Plants that are blooming or coming into bloom

  • Abutilon (Flowering maple)
  • Achillea
  • Aconitum (Monkshood)
  • Albizia julibrissin (Mimosa tree)
  • Angelica
  • Anigozanthos (Kangaroo paw)
  • Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)
  • Aster (Michaelmas daisy)
  • Begonia
  • Buddleja (Butterfly bush)
  • Cephalaria (Giant scabiosa)
  • Cereus ‘Queen of The Night’ (Night blooming cactus)
  • Chelone obliqua (Turtlehead)
  • Clerodendrum bungei (Glory bower)
  • Clerodendrum ugandense (Blue glory bower)
  • Clerodendrum trichotomum (Glory bower)
  • Cosmos atrosanguineus  (Chocolate cosmos)
  • Crocosmia
  • Dahlia
  • Duranta ‘Sapphire Showers’
  • Echinacea (Coneflower)
  • Fuchsia
  • Gladiolus callianthus
  • Helenium (Sneezeweed)
  • Helianthus (Perennial sunflower)
  • Heptacodium miconioides (Seven –son flower)
  • Hibiscus  syriacus ‘Blue Bird’
  • Hydrangea
  • Iochroma
  • Inula
  • Lagerstroemeria (Crape myrtle)
  • Leonotis (Lion’s ear)
  • Lespedeza (Bush clover)
  • Lilium (Lily)
  • Lobelia speciosa
  • Persicaria (Knotweed)
  • Punica (Pomegranate)
  • Rosa (Rose)
  • Rudbeckia (Gloriosa daisy)
  • Salpiglossis sinuata (Painted tongue)
  • Streptocarpus (Cape primrose)
  • Tecoma
  • Thalictrum (Meadow rue)
  • Thunbergia
  • Tibouchina (Glory bush)
  • Verbena
  • Vitex
  • Zauschneria ( California fuchsia)
  • Zinnia