The Butchart Chronicles : August 5, 2016

Flower and Garden Report for August 5, 2016

Mrs. Butchart's private garden
The weather over the past couple of weeks has almost been ideal as we have received an abundance of sun and very pleasant temperatures for both plants and humans.
We always know that we are nearing the end of the summer growing season when our Dahlia border begins to dominate the surrounding landscape. This stunning display will only get better as the season moves on so you don’t need to hurry in and see it!
The entire garden is outstanding at this time of year as every planting is at its fullest and most colourful. The Rose Garden continues to provide an exceptional array of colour and fragrance and is a favorite for many of our visitors. On the other end of the spectrum, the Japanese Garden exudes a sense of peace and tranquility with its soothing shades of green and its many streams and ponds. This garden provides a unique retreat from the brilliant colour that radiates from the other garden areas. 
This is a time of year that will satisfy the desire of almost every person looking to find beauty in the garden.  

Rick Los, director of horticulture

Japanese Garden water Feature 

Plants that are blooming or coming into bloom include:

  • Abutilon
  • Acanthus
  • Acidanthera
  • Aconitum
  • Agapanthus
  • Albizia
  • Anemone x hybrida
  • Astilbe
  • Astrantia
  • Baptisia
  • Begonia (Tuberous varieties are outstanding – don’t miss the Begonia bower!)
  • Brugmansia
  • Buddleia or Buddleja
  • Calluna
  • Canna Lily
  • Chelone
  • Cimicifuga
  • Clerodendron
  • Coreopsis
  • Cosmos
  • Echinacea
  • Eucryphia
  • Eupatorium
  • Fuchsia
  • Guara
  • Gladiolus
  • Helenium
  • Helianthus
  • Hibiscus
  • Hydrangea

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