The Butchart Chronicles : February 20, 2015

Flower and Garden Report for February 19, 2015

This time of year always provides us with a list of firsts and this week we have the first of the plum trees and forsythia coming into bloom as well as thousands of naturalized bulbs enhancing the shrub and perennial borders throughout the gardens. Over the years we have planted tens of thousands of crocus bulbs as an understory planting throughout the Rose Garden and they are now fully out in bloom providing us with a spectacular carpet of brilliant colour in this area. The pansy baskets are also making their way into the gardens – more than a full week ahead of schedule!       

The Spring Prelude display continues to dazzle as we pour in fresh colour each week, ensuring that it’s always blooming at its peak! The beautiful magnolia flowers continue to impress with their large petals and rich colours which are still weeks away from appearing in the garden outside. It’s a great time to come and visit as you are sure to be inspired by the beauty of the spring season whether you are indoors or outdoors!     

- Rick Los, director of horticulture

Crocuses in the Rose Garden

Special Interest/Berries/Flowers/Fruit/Bark in the Garden
•    Acacia (flowers   - potted plants at turnstiles)   
•    Acer capillipes (Snake bark maple - bark)
•    Acer palmatum (Japanese maples – unique form)
•    Acer griseum (Paper bark maple – bark)
•    Bellis
•    Betula (birch - bark)
•    Camellia (flowers)
•    Cornus (shrub dogwoods, brilliant bark colours)
•    Corylopsis
•    Corylus avellana ‘contorta’ (Henry Lauder’s walking stick – unique form)
•    Crocus (flowers)   
•    Eranthis (Winter Aconite)     
•    Erica  (flowers)
•    Forsythia
•    Galanthus (flowers)
•    Garrya (catkins)
•    Hamamelis (flowers/fragrance)
•    Helleborus (flowers)  
•    Iris unguicularis (flowers)
•    Jasminium (winter Jasmine – flowers)
•    Mahonia
•    Nandina (berries)
•    Narcissus
•    Pansy (flowers) baskets
•    Primula   (flowers)    
•    Prunus ‘Accolade’  (flowering cherry)
•    Prunus (flowering plum)  
•    Puschkinia
•    Rhododendron   (flowers)
•    Salix  (catkins)
•    Sarcococca (wonderfully fragrant!)
•    Scilla     
•    Skimmia   (flowers)  
•    Stewartia psuedocamellia (bark)
•    Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’ (Camperdown Elm – unique form)
•    Viburnum bodnantense (flowers)  
•    Viburnum davidii (berries)  
•    Viburnum tinus (berries/flowers)   


What’s blooming in Spring Prelude
•    Amaryllis
•    Anthurium
•    Begonia - Rieger
•    Bromeliad
•    Camellia
•    Cercis   
•    Crocus
•    Cyclamen
•    Edgeworthia
•    Hamamelis
•    Hyacinth
•    Jasminium
•    Magnolia    
•    Narcissus
•    Orchid
•    Polyanthus
•    Sarcococca
•    Spathiphyllum
•    Tulip
•    Viburnum bodnantense
•    Viburnum tinus

Camilllia in bloom