The Butchart Chronicles : February 23, 2018

Flower and Garden Report February 23rd – March 1st, 2018

Flower & Garden Report February 23– March 1, 2018

By Thea Hegland


The thing about winter is that it can be relentless. Just when you start feeling bold and daring, tempted to put out some tender spring plants in the garden, a cold snap will roar in and remind us – winter is not over yet. Well, the good thing is that these cold winter days are actually very beautiful, especially with the trees and the powerful presence they have in The Gardens.

A recent snowfall captured the simple elegance of the trees. Most awe - inspiring is the collection of Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) found throughout the grounds. Simply the best, the Japanese maples offer such incredible year-round interest. Considered an essential garden structure plant, these treasures are always stunning. Collected for well over one hundred years, these mature trees are curiously laden with lichen and moss. Perhaps the best display of Acer palmatum is within the Japanese Garden; now barren and dormant covered in snow, they are absolutely captivating.

After a winter walk in the garden, venture inside and enjoy the amazing Spring Prelude. It’s warm, welcoming and full of flowers to enjoy. Highlights this week include flowering Wisteria floribunda (Japanese wisteria) with its fragrant blue flowers, Edgeworthia chrysantha (Paper bush) with its delicate umbel of reddish orange fragrant flowers and the ever sweet Convallaria (Lily- of-the- valley).

Regardless of when you visit The Gardens there is always something to see. That’s just the way it is, constantly evolving from one season to the next as the plant life presents its many stages of beauty.

Plants, trees and shrubs that are blooming or of interest:

• Abeliophyllum distichum (White forsythia)
• Aucuba japonica (Spotted laurel)
• Bellis (English daisy)
• Bergenia (Elephant’s ears)
• Camellia
• Correa (Australian fuchsia)
• Cotoneaster
• Crocus
• Cyclamen
• Daphne odora
• Edgeworthia chrysantha (Paper bush)
• Erianthus (Winter aconite)
• Erica (Heather
• Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrop)
• Garrya elliptica (Silk- tassel bush)
• Hamamelis (Witch hazel)
• Helleborus (Christmas rose)
• Ilex verticillata (Winterberry)
• Jasminium nudiflorum (Winter jasmine)
• Mahonia x media ‘Charity’ (Oregon grape)
• Nandina domestica (Heavenly bamboo)
• Narcissus (Daffodil)
• Ophiopogon planiscapus (Black mondo grass)
• Orchid
• Pulmonaria (Lungwort)
• Pansy
• Pieris (Lily -of - the valley shrub)
• Polyanthus (Primula)
• Pyracantha
• Rhododendron
• Sarcococca (Christmas box)
• Skimmia japonica
• Tulipa
• Viburnum x bodnantense
• Viburnum tinus
• Viola

Indoor plants, trees and shrubs that are blooming or of interest:

• Amaryllis
• Anthurium (Flamingo flower)
• Azalea
• Bromeliad
• Camellia
• Convallaria (Lily-of-the-valley)
• Crocus
• Cyclamen
• Daphne odora (Winter daphne)
• Edgeworthia chrysantha (Paper bush)