The Butchart Chronicles : June 18, 2015

Flower and Garden Report June 18, 2015

Dragon Fountain
With this year’s weather conditions we appear to be virtually in midsummer form throughout the gardens. The annual borders get more impressive every day! Hanging baskets and containers have lots of unique combinations and are filled with colour.

The Rose Garden climbers and rambler arches are hitting their peak this week as well. What an amazing tunnel of colour! The background delphiniums also do a great job framing this garden.

One great addition for this summer is a beautiful new temporary flower bed and pond in the centre of Waterwheel Square. The pond is home to our newest garden feature, an impressive 3 metre x 2 metre bronze and granite Dragon Fountain. It may be hard to imagine but this only a temporary location for this fountain, so have no fear the ice rink will return for Christmas!

Garden Days are this weekend at the The Butchart Gardens, featuring informative demonstrations on Friday and greenhouse tours Saturday and Sunday. Come and explore early summer and bring the kid's, they can go on a Garden Gnome Hunt - and help The Seed and Gift Store find their missing gnomes.

- Carlos Moniz, horticultural manager

Flowering in the Garden

  • Abutilon 
  • Aruncus  
  • Astrantia 
  • Astilbe  
  • Baptisia
  • Begonias (incredible tuberous varieties as standards and in hanging baskets)
  • Centauria  
  • Clematis
  • Cornus kousa
  • Cosmos      
  • Cytisus   
  • Delphinium  
  • Deutzia          
  • Doronicum
  • Eryngium (Sea Holly) new
  • Fuchsia  new
  • Hemerocallis   (Daylily’s are exploding this week!)
  • Hypericum  new
  • Kalmia    
  • Kolkwitzia  
  • Lupin 
  • Lysimachia   
  • Manglietia   
  • Melittis 
  • Nectaroscordium
  • Pansy  
  • Papaver   (Oriental Poppy)
  • Philadelphus  new
  • Polemonium 
  • Primula pulverulenta    

The Rose Garden