The Butchart Chronicles : May 28, 2015

Flower and Garden Report May 28, 2015

Garden Report for the period of May 28 – June 3, 2015

Our gardeners have worked extremely hard to get the summer display planted and we are anticipating another outstanding show. The planting is strenuous work, but it’s the actual preparation prior to planting which is the most taxing of all. After digging up tens of thousands of bulbs and biennials they have to dig deep to find the energy to turn around and plant the voids that they have created!  

The weather has been ideal for planting, but the dry conditions are beginning to get a little worrisome as we haven’t recorded any measurable precipitation to speak of during the entire month of May. Thankfully we are blessed with large reservoirs and some very productive wells to provide us with the water we need to get us through the dry times.    

Our perennial borders are lush and colourful with our collection of Peonies and Irises highlighting many areas. The Blue Poppies will be finishing soon so if you haven’t had a chance to view them be sure to visit in the next week or so. The seasonal transition is complete, so come out and enjoy the fresh beginning of our summer garden season!         

- Rick Los, director of horticulture

Japanese Garden wall with rhododendrons

Flowering in the Garden

  • Abutilon new
  • Ajuga  
  • Aquilegia 
  • Arisaema
  • Aruncus  new
  • Astrantia 
  • Azalea
  • Baptisia
  • Brunnera  
  • Clematis
  • Cornus kousa  new
  • Crataegus  (May tree/Hawthorne)
  • Cytisus  new
  • Deutzia          
  • Dicentra
  • Digitalis     
  • Doronicum   
  • Euphorbia 
  • Geum  
  • Hemerocallis  (Daylily)  
  • Hydrangea petiolaris   new 
  • Iris  
  • Lupin 
  • Melittis   
  • Paeonia  (Peony)
  • Pansy  
  • Papaver  (Oriental Poppy)
  • Pericallis  (Cinerarea) 
  • Polemonium new
  • Primula pulverulenta     
  • Rhododendron  
  • Saxifrage  
  • Spiraea 
  • Stachys  
  • Styrax  new
  • Thalictrum  new
  • Thunbergia 
  • Trollius 
  • Verbascum  new
  • Veronica
  • Weigela  

Blue poppy late May 2015