The Butchart Chronicles : October 15, 2015

Flower and Garden Report for October 15, 2015

Autumn colour in the Sunken Garden 2105
The sunny weather of the past week has helped to stimulate many of our deciduous plants into displaying the warm brilliance of their glowing fall foliage. As the floral display fades, a sense of peacefulness permeates the garden as the soothing colours of this new season dominate the landscape.     

We have moved quickly into our fall planting as the summer display completes its colourful cycle for another year. There is a sense of urgency in the air as the gardeners work extremely hard to replant the entire garden while the weather remains favourable. However, there is also a sense of anticipation as we plant tens of thousands of flowering bulbs which will quietly develop out of our sight in preparation for their emergence in the spring.    

That being said, we still have thousands of delightful chrysanthemums in bloom throughout the garden to provide the floral colour that we are famous for. Of course we can’t forget to mention our magnificent dahlia border! This incredible display continues to stop many visitors in their tracks as they gaze with awe at the abundance of colourful blooms presented in a myriad of marvelous shapes and sizes.    

- Rick Los, director of horticulture
Flowering in the Garden
•    Abutilon
•    Begonia (still some incredible tuberous varieties as standards and in hanging baskets)
•    Brugmansia
•    Chrysanthemum
•    Clerodendrum
•    Cyclamen  
•    Dahlia
•    Euonymus europaeus  (colourful fruit)   
•    Fuchsia
•    Gaura
•    Iochroma  
•    Kirengeshoma   
•    Leycesteria   
•    Ricinus
•    Sedum
•    Tibouchina
•    Tricyrtis  

Autumn dahlia in The Butchart Gardens
Brilliant Fall Foliage

•    Acer palmatum   (Japanese Maple)
•    Cercis   new
•    Euonymus (Burning Bush)
•    Fothergilla
•    Hamamelis (witch hazel)
•    Liquidambar
•    Nyssa   new
•    Quercus (oak)
•    Stewartia

Maple Leaves at The Butchart Gardens