The Butchart Chronicles : July 17, 2014

Flower Report for July 17 2014

This seems to be the year of the rose as the Rose Garden continues to provide us with an outstanding display of colour and an abundance of intoxicating fragrances. Throughout the entire garden the summer display is at its peak and we are now only waiting for the Dahlias to make their late season contribution. The perennial borders continue to perform well and provide us with a vast array of exceptional colours, forms and textures to further enhance the visual feast. Around the various buildings and patios areas you can’t help but notice the spectacular collection of hanging baskets, window boxes and container plantings that complement the overall display.

- Rick Los, director of horticulture

The Sunken Garden from the Tea House

Special Interest/Flowering

  • Abutilon    
  • Aconitum    Monkshood     
  • Allium  
  • Astilbe    
  • Astrantia 
  • Baptisia
  • Brugmansia  


  • Centauria    
  • Crocosmia   
  • Dianthus   
  • Dierama
  • Echinacea         
  • Fuchsia 
  • Helenium 
  • Hemerocallis  Daylily  
  • Hypericum   
  • Lathyrus  Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea  
  • Ligularia        
  • Lilies    
  • Lysimachia
  • Monarda       
  • Oenothera         
  • Pansy   
  • Phlomis    
  • Polemonium     
  • Rodgersia  
  • Romneya       
  • Roses!   
  • Stewartia  
  • Thalictrum 
  • Tigridia - new
  • Yucca - new
  • Zantedeschia  Calla Lily