The Butchart Chronicles : June 5, 2014

Flower Report for June 5 2014

This week will mark the end of our annual summer planting extravaganza. The fresh, new plantings add a new vibrancy to the garden and the addition of the colourful hanging baskets and container plantings help to put the finishing touches on the display. Along with the first blooms of the roses and Delphiniums, the perennial borders have also filled in nicely and are providing a beautiful backdrop of different colours, shapes and textures. This may be the last week for the Blue Poppies so please come out and see them or you may miss them until next year! 

- Rick Los, director of horticulture

Blue Poppies in the Japanese Garden

Special Interest/Flowering

  • Allium  
  • Astrantia - new
  • Crataegus  Hawthorne or May tree    
  • Delphinium - new
  • Deutzia      
  • Dianthus - new
  • Digitalis  Foxglove   
  • Eremurus  Foxtail Lily  
  • Fuchsia  new
  • Hellebore  
  • Hemerocallis  Daylily  
  • Iris 
  • Kolkwitzia    
  • Lathyrus  Sweet Pea - new
  • Lupin    
  • Magnolia
  • Meconopsis  Blue Poppy  
  • Ornithogalum   
  • Pansy   
  • Paeonia  Peony
  • Papaver  Poppy    
  • Philadelphus    
  • Rhododendron
  • Sambucus - new
  • Spiraea
  • Stocks (annual)   fragrant
  • Styrax - new
  • Syringa     
  • Trollius - new
  • Weigela -new


Sweet Pea