The Butchart Chronicles : October 17, 2014

Flower Report for October 17, 2014

It truly feels like fall this week with the days noticeably shorter and cooler. The good news is that we are starting to see the brilliance of fall leaf colour throughout the gardens with the Japanese maples being the most dominant provider. Although our gardeners are planting for the spring, colour still abounds throughout the garden at this time of year with thousands of colourful chrysanthemums brightening up many of the display borders. The magnificent dahlia border is still a highlight with an abundance of flowers blooming in an amazing array of colours, shapes and sizes with some of the plants more than 6 feet/2 metres tall! Although autumn is here you can find beautiful summer colour in our incredible hanging baskets and in delightful pockets throughout the garden.

- Rick Los, director of horticulture

Autumnal Sunken Gardens

Special Interest/Flowering

  • Aconitum  Monkshood  
  • Anemone x hybrida     
  • Begonias (tuberous/hanging baskets)    
  • Chelone    
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Cimicifuga      
  • Clerodendron   
  • Cyclamen      
  • Dahlia  Outstanding!
  • Fuchsia  
  • Ricinus 

Dahlia Walk
Foliage Colour:

  • Acer (maple)
  • Euonymus
  • Liquidambar
  • Quercus (oak)
  • Fothergilla
  • Hamamelis (witch hazel)
  • Styrax

Sunken Garden in Fall