The Butchart Chronicles : November 27, 2014

Garden Report for November 27, 2014

The garden is completely decked out in the finery of the Christmas season with decorations, displays and lights everywhere you look. In the daytime the decorations are delightful and in the nighttime they are spectacular as the lights bring out a magical quality that is almost beyond belief.

This is the time of year that you have the opportunity to enjoy the garden from a completely different perspective. As you wander your way through the garden the unique structure and layout of the garden is much more apparent and the genius of Jennie Butchart’s design is revealed. The Japanese Garden is especially satisfying as it reveals itself in its purest form without any of the lights, decorations or other adornments of the Christmas season.  

This is truly a time for peaceful reflection in the garden as the season reveals a quiet, subtle beauty that isn’t as evident in any other season.

- Rick Los, director of horticulture


Special Interest/Berries/Fruit

  • Clerodendron  
  • Cotoneaster   
  • Crabapple   
  • Callicarpa

  • Euonymous europaeus   
  • Pyracantha   
  • Viburnum davidii  
  • Viburnum tinus  

Bamboo Grove