The Butchart Chronicles : September 27, 2014

“High Tea with a Gluten Intolerance”

It was my husband's first time for high tea and I have a gluten allergy so there were some high expectations. My husband now raves about the experience. From the quality of food and tea, to the amount of food (enough to count as a meal), to the incredible view, it's a not to miss experience. The way they dealt with the gluten intolerance was phenomenal. I expected slices of meat and cheese and maybe a few special sweets, but got exactly the same as my husband, only on different breads and all the pastries were the same only made with different flours. I was so impressed! All it takes is 24 hours notice for them to prepare. The outdoor seating with the view of the gardens was just the icing on the cake. We had initially planned to go to the Fairmont for this experience, but with the time crunch to get back to the ferry and the fact that it was double the cost, I am so happy with our decision to stay at Butchart. You can book your reservation on Open Table and mention and food restrictions/allergies and they will hook you right up.

High Tea
- A TripAdvisor review by Remi M, Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA - September 2014.