The Butchart Chronicles : January 11, 2016

Historical Display 2016

January 15th - March 15th
Located in the Dining Room Restaurant

The Butchart family residence at The Butchart Gardens, circa 1920s
Now in its 16th year, the Historical Display opens on January 15th.

Set up in four rooms of the Dining Room Restaurant, the former residence of the Butchart family, the Historical Display includes memorabilia and correspondence tracing the beginnings of the cement plant through to the development of the gardens and the residence. This year’s display features correspondence with architect Samuel Maclure along with Mrs. Butchart’s sketch of window measurements for the purchase of curtains and an order form for 27 rolls of wallpaper.

Original furniture pieces throughout the display show how rooms were furnished. Mrs. Butchart collected a fine library of gardening reference books, some of which are on display along with family photographs and silver pieces.  Correspondence from various clubs in and around the city can also be viewed along with rare photographs of family members aboard their yacht and playing golf.

The Butcharts entertained friends and family with outdoor activities such as croquet, lawn bowling and archery on the main lawn next to their tennis court. Indoor activities included games of cards, various board games and billiards along with perhaps a musical evening in their home. A snapshot of their lives is revealed through archival photographs. With the age of inventions and electricity in full swing, an early telephone and a ‘room announcer’ are also on display.

As the gardens developed, people from far and wide came to enjoy the achievements of Mrs. Butchart's imagination and purpose. Some of her ideas may have been through inspiration of the sights they observed while on their world cruises.

The Historical Display continues to March 15th.

The 2016 Historical Display at The Butchart Gardens