The Butchart Chronicles : April 11, 2016

It's High Time for Tea Time: Discovering Victoria's Tea Scene

High Tea at The Butchart Gardens, credit Lucas Anderson
February in Victoria is everything you might imagine for a West Coast island town: not too cold, a little wet at times, but almost certainly grey. It’s a month that begs for a warm cup of tea. Until its permanent cancellation in 2014, the Victoria Tea Festival obliged, bringing thousands to the region for a weekend packed with the piping hot pick-me-up.

One year without a tea festival was enough for the city often called the tea capital of Canada. So this February, the Victoria Tea Festival Revival was born. A smaller, but no less dedicated group of tea lovers gathered—B.Y.O.Tea cup— to celebrate the world’s most popular beverage: from its ancient roots, to its British traditions, to more modern experimentations.

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Original post: April 8, 2016 · Lucas Anderson