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Les Poules à Colin, Monday, July 13, 2015

Les Poules a Colin
Les Poules à Colin: Making Waves across Canada this summer!

Montreal – Taking their name from a popular traditional song, Les Poules à Colin are a new take on an age-old recipe; five childhood friends who still live down the block from each another, sharing a history of music-making andfamily ties, a true band. Fast forward to today, and Les Poules are a dynamic and creative group hitting the road this summer to promote their latest recording, Ste-Waves, and play a bunch of summer festivals across the land.

Despite the youthful ages of its members – currently ranging from 19 to 25 – Les Poules have already been playing together for over six years, winning awards from Young Trad Vermont to the Grand Prix Desjardins, as well as receiving grants to record both of their albums – Hébertisme Nocturne (2011) and their November 2014 release of Ste-Waves. A first videoclip, "Ti-Mé" has just been released and already has over 5000 hits. The band will be heading out to Belgium and France at summer's end and will be working with a US agency in the new year.

The group’s sound is a seamless and catchy blend of their strong folk upbringing with North American roots influences that range from old-time to jazz, with some provocative and moody effects. Their repertoire is a mix of original and traditional pieces, primarily in French but with some English compositions as well, and features gorgeous vocal, instrumental and rhythmic prowess. Their adaptations of traditional songs speak eloquently to their generation, while retaining the beauty of music that stands the test of time. Fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, piano, bass and foot percussion offer a rich and varied backdrop for their inventive

Listen to Les Poules à Colin - Ti Mé. Read more:  Website.

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BAND MEMBERS: Béatrix Méthé, Sarah Marchand, Éléonore Pitre, Marie et Colin

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(Photo credit:  Les Poules a Colin. Media release courtesy of Beverly Kreller SPEAK Music)