The Butchart Chronicles : September 14, 2014

Made in Victoria: Honica Jewelry

Honica Jewelry

For the past twenty-three years, Honica Zylstra passion has been jewelry. Always innovative, Honica’s award winning work has received fabulous reviews for many years and in many places.

In 1991, Honica was named "Accessories Designer of the Year" at western Canada’s prestigious Power and Passion Show. In 1988, her work was featured at the gala opening of the international theatrical production of “Cats” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. She was commissioned to design a jewellery piece for each of the five hundred gala dinner guests, based on characters in the play.    

Each piece of her work is unique and hand crafted. Honica works each metal piece, each spiral, each stone individually. A single metal component may undergo eight individual, separate, hand processes before it is ready to be featured in the finished composition. Metals and stones may be tumbled, patinaed, polished, forged, antiqued, acid-dipped, melted, molded, bleached, brushed, sanded... well, you get the idea.    

Each piece of jewelry is an original design. Each one made for you, by hand and available in The Seed and Gift Store, which is committed to providing you with a selection of one of a kind artisnal works from local artists.