The Butchart Chronicles : January 10, 2014

Packaging Seeds At The Gardens

Where:  Seed and Gift Store

When:  Various times during normal store hours.

Seed and Gift Store

Many people that visit The Seed and Gift Store note that we are often busily packaging the myriad kinds of seeds that we sell. We are oft asked why we package our own seeds and do we produce our own seeds? The latter is easier to answer:  we don’t produce our own seeds other than our cherished Blue Poppy. To answer the former is a bit more complicated. 

Seed Packaging

We sell approximately 100 different seeds and seed combinations - and with close to a million visitors per year, that can add up to a lot of seeds!  Simply due to available space in our 22ha (55 acres) of display gardens, we could not prouduce all our needs.   Secondly, cross pollination concerns would make logistics even more challenging. Jennie Butchart opened the Seedhouse in 1920 and the first Benvenuto Seed Catalogue was issued. So, we carry on her tradition of packaging seeds, selling them via mail order ever since. Packaging our own seeds also allows us quality control. This is integral in obtaining clearance for many of our seeds to enter the US via land and air.

The third question we most often get is which of our seeds are most popular.  Our two best selling seeds are the Blue Poppy and our Anniversary Blend.

Seed and Gift Store