The Butchart Chronicles : August 20, 2014

Sandy Terry: Visual Artist

Sandy Terry - Roses
At the Butchart Gardens, our Gallery boutique and The Seed and Gift Store work hard to present local artists and artisans. One such visual artist whose work we display is Sandy Terry

Award winning and working on the West Coast, Sandy draws inspiration from the abundant natural beauty of British Columbia. She is drawn to capture the simple elegance in the curve of a leaf, subtle shifts in color and the radiance of light as it interacts with form, all in a moment in time.

Sandy Terry
Dramatically representational, with loosely flowing brushwork and richly layered pigment to achieve greater depth, her vibrant renderings embody the essence of splendor and grace in Nature’s timeless canvas.

Her work is in private collections in Canada and the United States. At The Gardens her work is prominently displayed in the Coffee Shop and available for purchase. Ask in The Seed and Gift Store for more information on Sandy's work or email giftstore@butchartgardens.com.