The Butchart Chronicles : June 15, 2014

“Select Comments from Visitors in Early June 2014”

Even more beautiful than 1st visit in 1997!  - R.H. & C.H.  St. Joseph, Missouri

66th Visit!  - S.J.  Victoria, BC

New pass holder - looking forward to an enjoyable year!  - K.P.  Calgary, AB

4th visit this year on the season pass!  Great place!  - D.H. & A.H.  San Juan Is. USA

A step up from SF Conservatory of Flowers!  Beauty! - J.S.  Oakley, California

Surpassed both Monet's Garden & Edinburgh Botanical Garden.  Wonderful!  - C.S. & S.S. Perthshire, Scotland

It's my second time!!  Awesome.  - Y.S.  Seoul, South Korea

It's my Birthday!  - J.J. & Family  Modesto, California

So beautiful - Perfect way to celebrate 23 year anniversary!  - K.J. & B.J.  Othello, Washington