The Butchart Chronicles : July 17, 2013

Some spellings for The Butchart Gardens

Our thanks to various search engines for sending web users to us for a number of spellings of The Butchart Gardens. Here's a list of the main variations:

  • buchart gardens
  • butchard gardens
  • butchert gardens
  • bouchard gardens
  • buchard gardens
  • busch garden
  • bouchart gardens
  • butcher garden
  • buschart gardens
  • butcharts gardens
  • burchart gardens
  • bushart gardens
  • butcher garden

We also hear a number of pronunciations for "Butchart" and it's actually easy to remember: "Butch" is said as in "Butch Cassidy" and "art", well that is like what you see when you view the flower displays!

The Butchart Gardens Fact Check page.