The Butchart Chronicles : December 22, 2015

Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes

Spiced pumpkin cupcake recipe
Our Pastry Chef, Keith Tran whipped up this mouth-watering pumpkin spice cupcake recipe with rich, but not too sweet, cream cheese icing. Keith tells us the secret it to blend the icing well so there are no lumps!

Download the Spiced Pumpkin cake/cupcake recipe.

Not into pumpkin? Try last year's luscious Shortbread Cookie recipe with orange and anise - and it is completely gluten free!

Of course, dessert would not be complete without a main, so try our Executive Chef, Travis Hansen's Black Truffle Pavé - rich and satisfying.

Download the Black Truffle Pavé recipe.

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Enjoy and Merry Christmas!