The Butchart Chronicles : April 21, 2017

Spring Birds of The Butchart Gardens

Spring Birds of The Butchart Gardens

Early spring is a wonderful time at The Gardens. It's not just the gardens that start to come to life - there's insects, birds and animals of all kinds.

Recently, our photographer has been lucky enough to capture some great photos of our frequent bird visitors. They seem just as excited about spring as we are.

Here are three birds that were seen at The Butchart Gardens over the past couple of weeks.

 1. Hummingbird

The Butchart Gardens is located in a microclimate with an abundance of plants that attract a few species of hummingbird. This past week, our photographer spotted the Rufous hummingbird approaching cherry blossoms.

2. Junco

This male dark-eyed junco is one of the birds whose song provides a relaxing soundtrack and a sense of spring as you walk through The Gardens. Common in the Pacific Northwest, the dark-eyed junco is a welcome visitor.

3. Warbler

The Orange-crowned warbler makes itself at home quite easily here at The Gardens. Just as the hummingbirds do, this bird has been frequenting the cherry blossoms recently.

It doesn't stop here. There are so many bird visitors stopping by or making homes here everyday. Stay tuned as we capture photos of more of the "Spring Birds of The Butchart Gardens".