The Butchart Chronicles : January 13, 2016

Spring Prelude Indoor Garden—Sights and Scents

Our Spring Prelude indoor garden display is back for another glorious run from January 15th through March 31st. From its humble beginnings in 1999 the Spring Prelude has evolved into a world-class indoor floral display.


The Spring Prelude display was created to provide our visitors with a colourful and intimate indoor garden experience during the shorter days of winter. This also provides you with a small taste of what you can expect to experience once the actual garden comes alive in the spring. 


Although colour plays a large part in the makeup of the display, perhaps the most striking features of this garden are the original water features and sculpture produced by our very talented and creative staff.


Each year the features change as the designers collaborate and experiment with various elements which can be incorporated into the display. As you can imagine, each year it gets more difficult to come up with something original and suitable, however the staff is always up to the task.


The display generally focuses on plants you would find outdoors in your garden in the spring time, but probably the most talked about plants are the many varieties of orchids. These beautiful plants are in various high profile areas.


There are a few different themes in our Spring Prelude ranging from tropical borders accented with orchids to a temperate area which features an amazing range of plant material forced into bloom. The display also features an intimate Asian themed courtyard centered on a dazzling water wall as well as a garden area designed specifically for wedding ceremonies.


The Spring Prelude display provides waves and layers of colour, intoxicating fragrance and the sounds and movement of water all together in the intimacy of a cleverly crafted indoor garden.