The Butchart Chronicles : August 26, 2014

Susan Ellenton Jewlery

Necklace by Susan Ellenton
Susan Ellenton is a noted Victoria, BC based artisan of fine jewlery.  Here is her story.

Susan’s earliest favourite toys were a chemistry set and a carpenter’s apron, complete with a child-sized real hammer. She recalls making her first set of rings at the age of nine, working alone with clay she’d dug ice-cold from the banks of Kickinghorse River. When the clay rings disappeared over night in a spring flood, Susan got an early lesson in transience!

Her next set of handmade rings she has managed to keep with her through decades of travel and moving from Ontario to Vancouver Island via the Yukon. In a pink treasure-box: two pebble-studded loops of seaweed made at China Beach in 1969.

Rings by Susan Ellenton

Fast-forward forty years, and Susan is, more than ever, still fascinated with metalwork. In her own garden studio, still hammering and filing, and these days experimenting with fusion, extrusion, and metal clay, still learning how to keep some things close, and let other things go, making space for the promptings of the heart.