The Butchart Chronicles : February 10, 2016

“Tea in the gardens...”

TripAdvisor review - Tea at The Butchart Gardens

Beautiful tea and fantastic array of savory and sweet treat finger food. The most beautiful and quiet setting in the whole gardens. Phone the day ahead and make reservations. Arrive early and walk around beforehand to avoid the crowds. Make sure to dress warm in the winter and warm up on the beautiful carousel. Just 2 bucks a whirl. Admission into the gardens is a bit pricey but you can see that the cost of keeping these grounds would be astronomical. A most breathtaking and serene environment. Love the history and attention to details. Fireworks in the summer and Christmas lights in the winter. Fantastic outing for the day for the whole family. Free parking and awesome gift shop.

Visited January 2016

– A TripAdvisor review from Icelandic B