The Butchart Chronicles : September 10, 2014

Too Soon Friends in Calgary?

Too Soon Calgary?(Photo courtesy of Tourism Victoria)

We receive a lot of visitors from Calgary and the whole province of Alberta and really we want them know that if they get tired of the snow, it is still summer here.

The dahlias are blooming, in fact they are at their height, the Rose Gardens still smells heavenly and the warm sunshine in the Sunken Garden is as glorious as ever.

Dahlia love
Stop shoveling the snow Alberta, visit Victoria and The Butchart Gardens - less than 90 minutes by plane - WestJet and Air Canada are but a call away. We've just put the welcome mats out - alas, it is now time for us to return to tending our gardens, where it is still summer, in Greater Victoria.  Too soon?

Sunken Garden