The Butchart Chronicles : March 9, 2015

“Under a Low Hanging Winter Sun with High Tea at High Noon”

Winter in the Rose Garden
Usually a winter visit to a flower garden would seem untimely since there are no blooms to see, however this trip gave me new insight in what an English Garden is all about. Even though walking around in chilly weather may not be your cup of tea, I’ll get to the tea part later, the day way brisk and exhilarating.

This trip to Butchart Gardens gave me the opportunity to see the Gardens in a different perspective. By that I mean, when an artist starts a painting they usually sketch out the basic theme of the painting into what is called the painting composition. This is where the artist places things such as trees, buildings or people. Just as the artist composing a painting, when I saw the Gardens without blooms, I could see the composition of how the garden was created. It was truly inspirational to see the canes of the rose bushes standing as silent-solstice-sentinels guarding their roots and waiting for the warmth of the spring sun. To see the rows upon rows of rose bush canes reminded me of Emperor Qin’s terra cotta warriors and horses: all of them standing as poised, regal reminders of strength and beauty. The chilly weather put a spring in my step so I quick timed around to see the major parts and at each turn I could see the organization and care that had gone into creating the magnificent garden layout.

No visit to Butchart Gardens would be complete with having the High Tea. All the food and teas are wonderful. The setting and presentation are priceless. A note of caution: plan to leave stuffed even if you sample just a portion of the selections. One saving grace is that no matter if you have never had a High Tea before and haven’t a clue of what you are eating, you surely will not be disappointed at what you just did. A future trip in warmer weather to see the Gardens in bloom is in my planner.

– A TripAdvisor review from RC_Kola, Tuscon, Arizona. Visited December 2014.