The Butchart Chronicles : June 20, 2014

The Vikings Were Gardeners!

Early Viking Gardening Tools
Long before Jennie Butchart began gardening, the Vikings were hard at it. We know this because quite thankfully from time to time they lost or abandoned their gardening tools, which were subsequently found in surprisingly good shape over a thousand years later. Early garden implements such as scythes, axes, sickles and ards (a type of plough), not that different from their recent equivalents and familiar to Jennie and even many gardeners today, have been uncovered and are on display at the Royal British Columbia Museum. A far cry from today's gas powered versions - and with proven lasting power unlikely to be matched.

To see these and many more authentic examples of Viking life, take in "Vikings - Lives Beyond The Legends" exhibition at the Royal BC Museum -- on through November 11, 2014. Enjoy the full Viking experience and include IMAX Victoria's "Journey to New Worlds." 

This highly acclaimed exhibition puts to rest the one-dimensional caricature of Vikings as just marauders and cartoon characters with horned helmets. Jennie would likely have been interested to know she was using implements similar to what these early seafarers and visitors brought to North America.