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The Butchart Gardens' Response to Inquiries Regarding the Chrismans


August 16, 2016

For the enjoyment and safety of all visitors, and to preserve our tranquil atmosphere, The Butchart Gardens joins many international attractions, (Disney Parks; SeaWorld Parks/Busch Gardens; Museum of Fine Arts Houston; --to name a few),  in not permitting costumes or masks to be worn onsite.  This includes persons wearing period style, historical dress, or adult clothing that could be viewed as a costume as they could be mistaken for entertainers or interpreters hired by The Gardens and could detract from the experience of other visitors. This policy has been in place for many years and is prominent on our website.
The Butchart Gardens stands on its record for the courtesy and professionalism of its staff.  The Chrismans were afforded this courtesy from the moment they arrived at The Gardens to the moment they left. As a compromise, Mrs. Chrisman was politely asked to remove only her hat, and had she not refused, the Chrismans would have been welcomed into The Gardens.

Upon this refusal we immediately refunded all their costs including bus fare to The Gardens, admission fee, meal costs, and they were provided a paid taxi back to Victoria.  

We are most thankful for all the support we are receiving.



We regret any confusion our costume/cosplay policy has caused and wish to further clarify our position.

The Butchart Gardens has always been inclusive and welcomes visitors of all religions and nationalities. To that end, it is customary to see visitors throughout The Gardens wearing current day clothing worn around the world.