What’s in Bloom Now? Garden Updates October 8 – 17


By Thea Hegland

The legendary days of the fall are here; from the grounds of the car park towering with dreamy trees in all their glorious fall colours to the heart of the Japanese Garden, where the brilliant red leaves of the outstanding Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’ shines. The Dahlia Border, the flowering icon of October at Butchart Gardens, remains strong and brave, even after the rain (that actually was supposed to be sunshine) came and went.

Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki’ beginning their show in the Japanese Garden

It doesn’t end there… rare garden specimen tree Heptacodium miconioides (Seven-son flower) with its showy rose coloured calyces demands full attention by the Star Pond. Clerodendrum trichotomum (Glory bower) with its intense blue berries set off by the bright pinkish-red sepals piques the curiosity of many. Other shrubs that are often overlooked due to their lackluster leaves put on a show for the season; Fothergilla. Cotinus and Euonymus alatus are all on fire with blazing beauty.

Clerodendrum trichotomum (Glory bower)

Meanwhile amongst all this beauty, the first frost of the year came with a bitter cold reminder just as the gardening staff have begun a ‘soft start’ to the fall planting season. With the pending arrival of 300,000 spring bulbs that are due to arrive at anytime now from Holland and Prince Edward Island, the staff have begun to tear out beds and prep them for a smooth planting season that, generally speaking, is rather intense.

A portion of the 2018 bulb order. We are expecting this year’s shipment to arrive any day now.

Come and savour the season at The Gardens; it will inspire and restore the soul. Please give thanks to all the hands that have touched this amazing garden and to Jennie Butchart for her vision – all those trees planted so many years ago have given all who visit the greatest gift.

Autumn hues surround visitors walking alongside the Sunken Garden

Happy Thanksgiving.

Plants that are currently blooming
  • Abutilon (Flowering maple)
  • Acer (Japanese maple)
  • Achillea (Yarrow)
  • Aconitum (Monkshood)
  • Anemone x hybrida (Japanese anemone)
  • Angelonia
  • Aralia elata (Japanese angelica tree)
  • Arum italicum (Lords and ladies)
  • Aster (Michaelmas daisy)
  • Begonia
  • Callicarpa
  • Celosia (Cockscomb)
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Clerodendrum bungei (Glory bower)
  • Clerodendrum trichotomum (Glory bower)
  • Colchium (Autumn crocus)
  • Cosmos atrosanguineus(Chocolate cosmos)
  • Cyclamen coum
  • Dahlia
  • Euonymus alatus
  • Fuchsia
  • Gazania
  • Helenium (Sneezeweed)
  • Helianthus (Perennial sunflower)
  • Heptacodium miconioides (Seven –son flower)
  • Hydrangea
  • Pennisetum setaceum (Purple fountain grass)
  • Penstemon (Bearded tonque)
  • Punica (Pomegranate)
  • Rosa (Rose)
  • Rudbeckia (Gloriosa daisy)
  • Sedum (Stonecrop)
  • Solanum
  • Solidago (Goldenrod)
  • Tibouchina (Glory bush)
  • Tricyrtis (Toad lily)