If you have purchased timed entry tickets and are unable to attend on the designated ticket time or date, you may re-book:
  • All re-bookings must be made for 8:00pm or later.
  • If re-bookings are made for a time earlier than 8:00pm, the timed entry tickets will not be accepted for admission.
Re-booking instructions:
  1. Go online and select another available time at 8:00pm, 8:15pm, 8:30pm or 8:45pm using “Other Admissions” timed entry tickets. You must book the same number of “Other Admissions” timed entry tickets as you have original tickets.
  2. If there are no tickets available for 8:00pm or later, you will need to select a different date.
  3. Arrive at the Admission Gate with BOTH your original timed entry tickets and the “Other Admissions” timed entry tickets. Without both sets of timed tickets, you will not be admitted.
  4. Cashier will scan the original timed entry tickets to ensure that they have not been used for an earlier admission.
  5. If the original timed entry tickets scan as “unused”, you will be admitted.

If you are unable to use your Christmas timed entry tickets during the Christmas season:

AFTER the Christmas season, simply present your unused timed entry ticket and The Gardens will apply the dollar value of that ticket towards the admission price on the day of your arrival. You are not required to re-book a timed entry if you are arriving after January 6, 2021.