We are committed to ensuring your safety and wellbeing while visiting.

For more than 119 years our employees and loyal visitors, both local and from around the world, have entrusted The Butchart Gardens to provide a safe environment in which to work and visit.

The Gardens actively works to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all its staff and visitors. Our evergreen protocols are developed following the guidance of the BCCDC, WorkSafe BC, Island Health, BCRFA, RCC, BCCSA, and other relevant governing bodies, regulators and industry related associations.

The Gardens’ Health & Safety Committee meets regularly and has over 140 years of combined experience in staff and visitor safety.  The Committee routinely shares information and practices within the industry and with other companies with similar operations.  With that knowledge, they closely monitor operations, identify safety challenges, and quickly implement policies, procedures and training programs designed to mitigate the specific risks and hazards in all areas of operation.  Doing so provides a safe environment for every employee to work in and every guest to visit.

Staff training plays a key role in delivering both an enjoyable and safe environment.  All staff at The Gardens are required to complete training specific to their job tasks, their trade and remain current.  Supervisors and Managers monitor their staff’s performance and initiate further training as appropriate.

Should you have questions about Health & Safety at The Butchart Gardens or what to expect on your next visit, please contact us with your questions.

Communicable Disease and COVID-19

How we are protecting our visitors:

  • Controlled entry at all entrances allows staff to monitor attendance level.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at several locations.
  • Building ventilation systems are regularly serviced, maintained and optimized to introduce as much fresh air as practicable.
  • Some plexiglass remains in place to provide a safety barrier, where practicable.
  • High touch surfaces are sanitized more frequently using an appropriate virucide.
  • Wheelchairs & Strollers are disinfected between use.

How we are protecting our staff:

  • No visitors, staff or contractors experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 are allowed on property.
  • Staff experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 are directed to use the BC Self-Assessment Tool and follow its instructions.
  • Company sick policy has been reinforced with staff, with the understanding that they are to stay home if sick; if they become ill at work they are sent home immediately.
  • Human Resources is closely monitoring and tracking staff illness.
  • Following all existing and new guidance provided by WorkSafe BC.
  • Building ventilation systems are regularly serviced, maintained and optimized to introduce as much fresh air as practicable.
  • Mandatory Communicable Disease training for all staff.
  • Work spaces have been modified where possible to enable staff to maintain distance of 2m/6 ft.
  • High touch surface areas are regularly wiped down with a recommended virucide.
  • Easy-access to hand washing and hand sanitizers.
  • Relevant signage and resources are posted throughout staff areas.
  • Task-specific PPE is available, including gloves, masks, respirators and face shields in appropriate locations.
  • Violence, foul language and abusive behaviours are not accepted. Verbal threats or acts of violence will not be tolerated and may result in removal from this facility and/or prosecution.