On Now: Step Back in Time at The 2018 Historical Display at the Butchart Gardens


From now until March 15th, join us as we showcase the 18th annual historical display. Located in the former Butchart residence, this fascinating display features memorabilia and  photographs to show the quarry to garden transformation and more.

White Room

As you enter the residence, you will be in the White Room. Here you will discover letters about the quality of the cement being produced at the cement plant, along with samples of old cement flower pots that were produced here into the 1950’s, after major cement production stopped.

Additional White Room Highlights

  • Letters from visitors requesting The Gardens as venue for events, along with pictures of these events
  • Correspondence from people throughout North America seeking Jennie Butchart’s reclamation expertise
  • The story of Jennie’s private garden. This is still maintained as a private display today.

Breakfast Room

After the White Room, you will enter the Breakfast Room. Here you will get a glimpse of the Butchart’s travels and leisure. See their travel plans including books on Japanese gardens in preparation for their trip to Japan as well as memorabilia from their avid tennis days.

Tango Room

The Rose Garden is a big part of Butchart history. In this room, discover the development of the Rose Garden including landscape architecture, pergola blueprints, and other references to planning. Once this garden was established, the Butchart’s became members of the National Rose Society based out of London, U.K., later featured in a publication that you can see for yourself in the Tango Room.

Billiard Room

From Gardens visitors to royalty and film stars, the Butchart’s regularly entertained. In the Billiard Room, you will feel as though you’re one of their guests.

Billiard Room Highlights

  • Early photography – camera equipment and stereoscope demonstrations by staff
  • Musical box demonstrations as well as various games and instruments
  • A fashion flashback, looking at Robert Butchart’s walking stick collection, clothing brochures and images of attire from the era
  • Photos of the indoor pool, including a letter from the Duke and Duchess of Connaught about their swimming experience

From quarry to garden, the Butchart’s history is filled with interesting events and connections to current day. Let our knowledgeable and passionate staff paint you a picture of the past and walk you through time in the 2018 Historical Display.

To top off the experience, enjoy High Tea in the conservatory room of the Dining Room Restaurant, another long-standing Butchart tradition.