Pet Policy

While the Butchart Gardens welcomes well-behaved leashed pets, we do not permit disobedient owners. During the past Christmas season, we received complaints from visitors concerned about safety and poop. While most owners adhere to our short-leash and pick-up policy, our narrow pathways, steps and festive lighting can make manoeuvering around pets difficult. To that end, we have implemented a change to our pet policy.

From December 1st through January 6th pets are permitted before 3:00pm and after 8:00pm only.

When visiting The Gardens with your pet:

  • Please ensure you are fully aware of what your dog is doing at all times.
  • Pick up after your pet so that others do not step in anything
    unpleasant. Waste bags are available when you enter The Gardens as well as in the parking lot, at the Ross Fountain, the Carousel Patio and the Wharf Lookout. Litter can be deposited into garbage cans designated for trash.
  • Use a 4-foot maximum length leash in order to keep your dog close by. No retractable leashes permitted.
  • Avoid interactions with other dogs to maintain the comfort and safety of all our visitors.
  • Only BC Certified Guide & Service dogs permitted in restaurants and Seed & Gift Store.

Please abide by these rules to make visits enjoyable for everyone.