Chef’s Recipe: Vegetable Couscous Salad


Start your new year meal planning with a healthy recipe that makes a great main dish for lunch, or side dish to accompany dinner. It’s filling, healthy, and easily allows for modifications.

Couscous Salad Mix

Ingredients US Metric
Couscous 30 oz 850 g
Fresh parsley (finely chopped) 1.5 oz 45 g
Fresh mint (finely chopped)
Orange (zest of) 1 1
  1. Prepare couscous to package instructions and cool
  2. Mix cool couscous with finely chopped parsley, mint and orange zest


Ingredients US Metric
Cauliflower 1 lb + 2 oz 500 g
Broccoli crowns 9 oz 250 g
Carrots (peeled) 6 oz 170 g
Dried apricots 5 oz 140 g
Red peppers 6 oz 175 g
Red Onions 1 oz 25 g
  1. Dice onion
  2. Chop all vegetables into bite size pieces
  3. Dress vegetables with dressing


Ingredients US Metric
Mayonnaise 1¼ cup 315 ml
Sambal Oelek 1 tsp 6 g
Curry powder 1 tbsp 15 g
Liquid honey 2½ oz 70 g
Ground coriander ¼ tsp ¾ g
Salt and pepper to taste to taste
Water ¼ cup 62 ml
  1. Put mayonnaise into large bowl
  2. Microwave honey to liquefy – use care as it burns very easily
  3. Add liquefied honey and spices to mayonnaise
  4. Whisk and then scrape out into vegetables
  5. Blend well
Final Step
  1. Place couscous in bowl
  2. Add dressed vegetables on top
  3. Garnish with a sprig of mint

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